Friday, April 29, 2016

Overheard at the Tibbie Kuts and Kurls

Beauty shop talk is sometimes the best.
“You know what I would like to see???”, said Lou Ann Webb as she  was getting her weekly wash and set.
They keep talkin about how Robert Bentley has done all these nasty things with that loose woman. Bless her heart, sleepin around on her husband. 
“Well. It couldn’t have been too nasty”, says hairstylist Eunice Hubbard. “They played that  whole darned tape on  the TV news and didn’t beep it once.”
“I KNOW,” squeals Lou Ann. “Not one bleep. But anyways. You know how the governor keeps sayin he ain’t done nuthin wrong? It sounds supiciously to me like them ol Richard Nixon recordings.” 
Lou Ann holds up two fingers and grumbles “I am not a crook” in her best Nixon impression. Given her pack a day habit it is surprisingly accurate.
“Well, they need to make a buddy movie. One of them comedies like they used to make before movies all started goin to Transflamers and Comic Book People and all that. Do a good ol fashioned comedy. They could call it “Fun with Dick and Bob”. It would be about how the ghost of Dick Nixon comes to Governor Bob Bentley and tries to advise him out of this mess. But it only leads from one oops to t’other.”
Eunice looks up from the curlers she is putting in Lou Ann’s freshly bluerinsed hair. “It would make tens, maybe hundreds of  dollars.”