Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My life is a lie

Today I was doing a check of Face Page. It's not something I do very regularly. I am not a fan of face page. But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is my whole life is a lie. As I was scrolling down what face page calls a news feed, it told me that one of my friends had commented on a post somewhere about goulash. The accompanying picture to the post was what looked to me like chili mac. That delicious comfort food combination of chili and macaroni. My stomach grumbles now thinking about it. 

I got ready to write a whole long article on here about how crazy people on face page are. Don't they know chili mac when they see it. I googled the wiki article on goulash to verify my info before I started to rant when I noticed a link next to the disambiguation pages. American Goulash it said.

With a cold chill in my heart I clicked that link. The article redirected, my world shattered. Everything I knew was a lie. There is no Dana Chili Mac only Zuul American Goulash. The wiki article describes American Goulash as "an American comfort food similar to American chop suey."

I'm not entirely sure how chop suey figures into this. I am scared to click that link now. My world has been shattered enough for one day.