Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Writers write

Writers write. That's the story. Writers write and those who don't write... read? watch tv? I think about writing a lot. I've often thought about writing THE NEXT BIG NOVEL. I'll get plot ideas and character arcs and story lines. Sometimes I even write these down. But when I sit down to write the story I get nothing. No snappy dialog. No in-depth exposition. No spine tingling intrigue.

I am very good at writing like I am now. I also think I am pretty good at writing recipes. Recipes are just instructions with lists. Those are pretty darned easy. Get this stuff, measure out this much... kind of like being a potions instructor at Hogwarts. Only without the whole Voldemort thing. Can you imagine a Verse where the Ministry of Magic is replaced by Food Network??? Guy Fieri as Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor. Alton Brown as Dumbledore. Who would be Voldie in this scenario???

But I digress. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Debaters debate. Politicians politic. We do what we are good at. I guess my favorite part of the writing process is research. When I get an idea I will dig into it. Well... dig into it as much as an internet connection and a wikipedia article or two will let me. I'll compile the research. But writing. I'll leave that for the writers.