Monday, October 5, 2015

So I Read an Article

So... I read this article...

Well most of an article...

Actually I read all of the article, but I skimmed through a lot cause it got pretty boring there in the middle.

It was about this big city fella from New York City who moved to Texas and found out that blatant homophobia was apparently still a thing.

So now this out and proud bisexual is finding himself forced back into the closet.
He painted with some pretty broad strokes describing his situation.
I know he was trying to shine a light on how hard it is living in the closet and the problems that many people face when being gay can get you fired.
BUT as a gay southerner born and raised in the south what I got was he is trying to say that if you are LGBTQ and lived in the South, you should just move because THESOUTHHASALLTHEPHOBIAS!!!!

And I laughed.
I laughed because how he described this horrible situation made me think of how Charles's co-workers threw us a wedding shower before we got married.

They threw us a wedding shower in his office. His work is cool like that. They let coworkers use the break room for functions like that.

So. Here is a gay guy in Mobile, Alabama reading an article about a bi guy from New York City that moved to (SOMEWHEREIN) Texas and isn't liking the homophobia.

That cake Charles' co-workers got us for our wedding shower sure was tasty.