Monday, July 6, 2015

When people disapprove of the Homosexual Lifestyle: A Rant.

Over on my tumblr, I saw someone talking about how they were ok with gays and were friends with some gays but disapproved of the gay lifestyle. 

other than removing the links and changing the names here is my rant pretty much as it is on Tumblr. 


I was doing some tumbling and saw where (TumblrH.) had answered an anon who disagreed with the “gay lifestyle” . I sent TumblrH. an ask that gave a peek into my husband’s an my gay lifestyle.
I decided to write a longer post here because the ask system doesn’t have enough characters to go into this complex subject.
It’s been my experience that when someone says they disapprove of the “gay lifestyle” for what ever reason, what they really mean is they disapprove of “gay sex.”
And when they disapprove of “gay sex” on religious grounds, that gets us to Leviticus. If you disapprove of gay sex based Judeo-Christian religious dogma, then there is a whole list of things that you have to disapprove of as well. Unless you are picking and choosing what parts of the dogma you want to believe in. 
If you disapprove of gay sex because “its gross.” then grow up. There’s a lot about two human bodies engaged in coitus that is gross, no matter what your sexuality may be.
If you disapprove of the “gay lifestyle” because you don’t understand what the “gay lifestyle” is, I suggest you educate yourself.