Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somebody Bring Me A Burrito

When I was in my late teens, early twenties I lived in the Auburn/Opelika area. I had moved there to go to college, but mental immaturity ended that venture after my first year. My mother was actively dying from congestive heart failure and that stress, plus the stress of trying to get keep up when I was out of my depth created a perfect little break down. I would go for weeks with only a few hours of sleep. 

Looking back, I can see how manic my brain had become. It's impossible to sleep when your brain won't shut down, so I would find things to do to keep it occupied. I would drive for miles and miles and miles, sometimes ending up as far away as Columbus, Georgia. One of my favorite places to go to kill time was a little diner just outside of Auburn.

This is a poem I wrote about that tiny little diner. My favorite thing to order was a breakfast burrito. It was filled with eggy potato cheesy goodness with a nice salsa over everything.

Somebody Bring Me A Burrito
My little resturante’
in de middle of de nite
lit up like a candle
wit miles of neon pipe
wit two waitresses
bof of dem so cool
happiness is a burrito
eaten sittin on a stool