Friday, February 7, 2014

TL:DR On July 12 I emailed my younger brother to tell him about my marriage trip. I didn't get a response. I emailed him again when I got home to let him know (as succinctly as possible) I was married. His only reply came on Aug 8th. He said "k".

On Jul 12, 2013, at 12:58 PM, Drew Gardner  wrote:
Just getting around to checking my email. That is adorable :D I hope y'all are doing well and getting as much sleep as possible. 

Charles and I are heading to Iowa at the end of the month to get married on the 29th. We put off the April 1st wedding because Illinois would be closer, but they never passed their bill. We got lucky because one of our friends that lives in St. Louis offered us a place to crash on the way up, they are going to be our witnesses, AND her dad is going to perform the wedding. That means we can get married at the closest Iowa County instead of going all the way to Des Moines. It's about three hours from St. Louis to Keokuk, IA so that will be fun. With the chunk of DOMA struck down, Charles and I will be able to file joint tax returns and me being on Charles insurance shouldn't be considered a gift anymore. That's $300 or so that he won't have to be taxed on. 

Anyways. Thats all that is going on here. Be on the look out for roadtrip pics from St. Louis.

Love ya, 

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