Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To Write About Rights or Rites.

Here is the thing about marriage. Marriage is a civil institution that has roots in religious ceremony. It is a right, that used to be a rite. So many people who write about rights miss the wrong they do due with their focus on rites.  
People who worry so much about the rights of corporations (corporations are not people, my friend, no matter what they say) are more focused on denying me my rites. A lot of their discussion revolves around what they call the traditional rite. They don’t really mean the traditional rite, because they actually oppose that too. They never actually define which traditional rite is the right one, they just tell me that the rite that I want is the wrong rite. What they mean is my rights can’t be equal because their religion says I can’t have their rite.
I am fine with eschewing their rite in my pursuit of the right to have a rite. I am perfectly comfortable with separating the rite of their faith from my civil right to have a rite. I do not need my rite bathed in the loving glow of their faith for my rite to be equal and valid. I am not seeking to disrupt the way they perform their rite. I respect their right to rites. I just wish they would respect mine.